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Enchanted Rock Vdk 750ml


Enchanted Rock Texas Vodka® is where art and science converges to deliver a sophisticated, sublimely smooth, creamy and soft flavor experience.


Our vodka is produced in small, hand crafted batches using a German copper distillation system. This takes more skill and effort to run than more automated equipment. Copper interaction is very important to the finished spirit’s flavor as it reduces sulfuric flavors and aromas through catalyzation. The vodka undergoes the functional equivalent of 10 distillations to produce a clean, neutral base while retaining the sweetness that comes from the use of premium mid-western corn.

The Rebecca Creek Distillery® takes the rare, additional step of chilled filtration rather than the more typical carbon filtration which can strip positive flavors and aromas.  The spirit is chilled to below freezing to force undesirable congeners out of solution so they can be filtered out.  The result is a very clean vodka with a distinctive flavor which cannot be reached in other ways.  There are no additives such as sugar, citric acid or glycerine and our vodka is naturally carbohydrate and gluten free. Whether experienced neat or in a cocktail, Enchanted Rock Texas Vodka® delivers the ultimate taste experience for discerning vodka connoisseurs.

Awards Enchanted Rock Texas Vodka® has received: The Platinum Medal in 2011 SIP Award International Spirits Competition, the Silver Medal and the Bronze Medal at the 2011 Los Angeles International Spirits Awards.

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