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Est. 75 Wine Company Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


Even though the Beckstoffer family owns about half of the best vineyards in Napa Valley, this wine from the 75 Wine Company showcases fruit from Lake and Mendocino Counties. Good thing too, because if it were made from To-Kalon or one of the other Beckstoffer vineyards you maybe oughta talk to your mortgage broker if you wanted to buy a 6-pack. However, this wine tastes really great and at $21, you can buy a couple of bottles and still be able to pay down your college loans. Think of it as you would if you wanted to drive a Lamborghini but wound up getting a VW R instead. You’d save a buncha dough but still be driving something with a lot of style based on a similar family architecture (VW owns Lamborghini, not to mention Porsche and Bentley and Bugatti). Let’s just be adult about this and think of 75 as an aspirational Beckstoffer Cabernet and maybe someday you get a job with a salary keyed to your potential or maybe the Powerball numbers line up in a fortuitous order the same week you bought a ticket. But we digress…

This 2017 wine from Tuck Beckstoffer is a rich and balanced Cabernet Sauvignon expressing aromas of red currents, strawberry jam and black berries as well as a touch of fresh hay. (Hey!!!) These aromatics are balanced with a note of toffee/biscotti* from a year of aging in medium+ toast French oak (30% new).  A hint of freshly tilled soil adds further complexity. It is smooth on entry as the tannins are well integrated into this, full-bodied wine. Finish is long and lingering.

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*Have you ever noticed that when you maybe misplace a packet of Trader Joe’s biscotti in the cupboard and you don’t find it for like a year, maybe it doesn’t taste all that different from when it went in there. Well, this wine tastes as if it’s evolved enough to make you believe in that whole “wine cellaring” thing. For biscotti, not so much.


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