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Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glasses


The award-winning govino wine glass is made from a BPA-free polymer that reflects a wine’s color and projects its aromatics much in the same way as fine crystal. It is dishwasher-safe (top rack only, please!) and can be reused many, many times before you recycle it.

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The signs are posted all around the pool: NO GLASSES OR GLASS CONTAINERS IN THE POOL AREA – YES THIS MEANS YOU!!! But you’re not the sort of person to drink beer or wine out of cans, and what would your mother think if she found out you were drinking right out of that bottle of Provence rosé? (not like she’s not looking for just-cause to be written out of the will, right?) Well, you’re in luck! govino solved this vexing problem about ten years ago when they invented the stemless plastic wine glass. You can drop them and they won’t break. You can put them in the dishwasher and they won’t warp and come out looking like a Richard Gehry symphony hall or art museum someplace. Recent experience leads me to believe that they’re just the right size to make sure your drink doesn’t warm up before it’s time for a refill. A pair of govinos will set you back only $9.95, so you should probably get a bunch to use at the pool, and you’ll want to get a set or two for the car, and they’re just the right size to fit unnoticed into a purse or jacket pocket for when you’re doing byob to the movie theater (“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” woulda been way better if we’d smuggled in a bottle of Patrick Piuze Chablis, just sayin’.