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Hampton Water Rosé


So the rep tells us that this wine is REAL popular with her big accounts. “Flies right off the shelves!!” She says. “Influencers drink it like water when they’re in The Hamptons and the wine was on a big wine magazine’s list of the Top – 100 wines last year, and hey, didja know it’s owned by Jon Bon Jovi’s son, so it’s gotta be good!!”  Hmmmm… could Mr Bon Jovi’s live performance at the wine magazine’s annual blow-out party maybe have something to do with this wine being selected as one of only two rosés on the Top-100 list? (c’mon, what about Domaine Tempier? Lopez de Heredia? Valentini? Or a bazillion Provence and Provençal-styled rosés out there in the market!!) Whatever….this is pretty safe stuff, a pretty okay rosé. But Top-100 of all wines made in 2018? Kinda sketchy. Call me dubious. But maybe your friends with cabañas in The Hamptons will feel more at home at your Dallas pool party if you’ve got a couple of bottles of this “water” in the ice bucket….

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