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Pedro Parra y Familia Pencopolitano 2016


“Pencopolitano comes from PENCO, an old spanish enclave where the City of Concepción was established for more than 250 years. It was totally destroyed by the big Tsunami of 1758. PENCOPOLITANO means citizen of Concepcion, my city, Capital of the Itata Valley and terroir for all of my wines.” –Pedro Parra

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Who would have thought that it would be a Chilean from the industrial city of Concepcion that would become one of the most influential terroir specialists in the world? The unusually talented and enthusiastic Pedro Parra has taken on that roll as he consults for some of the world’s greatest vignerons in France, Italy, as well as many other countries. He has a master’s degree in precision agriculture and earned a Ph.D. for his work with terroir.

The Itata Valley was the first settlement of the Spanish Conquistadors during the 16th century. To keep up the necessary supply of wine for these new European settlers, they brought their own grape vines. And so the first propagation of some of Chile’s earliest vineyards began.

The magic of the Itata begins with its special granitic soils. This ancient 200 million-year-old batholith is home to dry-farmed bush vines principally planted with the reds, Pais (Mission grape) and Carignan, and the white grape, Muscat of Alexandria. Cool coastal winds and clouds keep the winegrowing season long, giving the wines great potential for developing the complexity needed for high quality wine.