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2016 Wieninger Gemischter Satz, Ried Ulm-Nussberg


This unique wine has a very complex nose of fresh nuts, candied citrus and roses! Seriously elegant on the palate, in spite of the intense salty and chalky minerality that builds in an extraordinary way on the enormous, long finish. From biodynamically grown grapes

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“Especially close to my heart is the Wiener Gemischte Satz. This is a Viennesse classic that had been nearly forgotten.” — Fritz Wieninger


The Wiener Gemischte Satz is the most traditional of Viennese wine-growing specialties. Not only is it typical for region, soil and micro-climate, but it is also a symbol and reflection of Viennese culture. For this authentic terroir wine, vines from different grape varieties are grown together in one vineyard, with each one bringing its specific character to the wine. As a result, the wine is especially complex, thanks to its most distinctive feature – the grapes grow together, and are harvested and processed together.